Drug discovery platform

To quickly and reliably supply international pharma and biotech customers with ultra high quality protein and protein crystallography services, Crelux has established a fast and efficient platform , comprising all steps from construct design to protein structure analysis. Processes are optimized to quickly generate large number of expression constructs for highly parallel expression tests in both prokaryotic and in eukaryotic expression systems. Suitable protein constructs are quickly produced in large scale and subjected to parallel purification to yield up to 100 mg amounts of assay or crystal grade protein. A range of analytical methods have been established for quality control of purified proteins, including biochemical and biophysical analysis (such as INTRACT). Crelux runs a highly automated protein crystallization platform that enables us to screen over 1000 crystallization conditions per day in nanoliter drop formats, generate quick follow-up matrix screens and optimize crystallization conditions.

Diffraction quality crystals are routinely checked in house on our high brilliance microfocus X-ray generator and high quality data sets finally collected at third generation synchrotron sources for high quality crystallographic model building to reveal both /de-novo/ structures and structures of small molecules in complex with their protein targets.

Over the last seven years Crelux has established a portfolio of over 120 protein targets that are ready for crystallographic analysis in complex with customer compounds (XPRESS portfolio). In addition, Crelux routinely solves challenging de-novo protein structures of human protein targets (XPERT services). Crelux has a longstanding interest in the application of molecular chaperone systems to generate soluble and homogenous high quality protein both in E. coli and in the baculovirus system and explores novel means and approaches to maximize protein quality and enable expression of challenging protein targets and larger complexes.