Bioprocess optimization

Large-scale production of biologics using the new technologies developed in ComplexINC is the paramount aim of the ComplexINC project consortium. Partner IBET has an outstanding track record for controlled large-scale production of biologics including GMP level production. Optimization strategies for cost-efficient large-scale production will include producing, extracting and organizing cellular data using bottom-up systems biology tools and integrative ways of screening for industrially robust peoduction. IBET has accumulated know-how and developed tools for process design based on hybrid modelling (mechanistic fermentation plus fuzzy logics) and intelligent downstream processing. Highly predictive space-frame definitions for quality by design (QbD) implementation will be combined with deducing models for larger scale process control, which will be validated at larger (5 to 50L) pilot plant scale. ComplexINC will exploit this know-how to thoroughly validate its new technologies, innovations and reagents using selected protein targets of pharmaceutical interest.

By using cutting-edge bioprocessing approaches, and capitalizing on unique competences in this area, ComplexINC will thoroughly scrutinize next generation tools and innovations achieved in the work plan, on a scale relevant to pharmaceutical production. By providing next generation biologics and biotherapeutics, ComplexINC will compellingly validate its technology platforms in an industrial setting.