ComplexINC exploits and further develops high-technology platforms which are installed at the partner laboratories. These include at the EMBL the award-winning MultiBac platform (Swiss Venture Award 2006, DeVigier Foundation Award 2007, Swiss Technology Award 2007) and the world-wide first fully automated pipeline for multiprotein complex production, ACEMBL. Further platforms include yeast expression systems at CSIC Madrid, that can be exploited for metabolic pathway engineering, which is at the focus of current efforts in green biology. At HZI Braunschweig, novel approaches for engineering eukaryotic genomes for optimized protein production properties are developed and implemented. These high-technology platforms are complemented by platforms at the SME partner laboratories for drug discovery (Crelux GmbH), bioprocess development (IBET) and therapeutic protein production (Bioingenium), which have already proven their potential on the market.
In ComplexINC, these technologies and their further development will synergize to provide next generation tools and technologies for producing next generation biologics. Putting these tools and production technologies in place will have a dramatic impact on the availability of challenging proteins and protein complexes including such of human origin, with tailor-made properties specifically geared towards their application in drug discovery and in the treatment of human diseases.