Mar 18, 2013

ComplexINC consortium meets in Grenoble for 2nd Progress Meeting

The 2nd ComplexINC Science and Progress meeting was held from 4th to 6th March 2013 in Grenoble, France.  Imre Berger, Coordinator of ComplexINC and host to this annual project meeting, was very pleased to welcome the group at the French EMBL outstation in Grenoble, looking forward to exciting talks and lively discussions on research highlights and accomplishments. “It is fantastic to see...
Jan 06, 2013

Learning from Nature: Replaying how viruses assemble their proteins unlocks core architecture of essential human transcription factor

Transcription of our genes into messenger RNA is an essential process in our cells. It needs to be tightly controlled to ensure proper cellular function. Central to this process are the so called General Transcription Factors (GTFs).  Human TFIID is the largest GTF, and it forms the cornerstone of the machinery that controls gene expression. Despite its crucial role, TFIID has largely eluded...
Nov 23, 2012

CommHERE: Boost ComplexINC talking science to the public

The CommHERE team at EMBL has partnered with ComplexINC in order to boost its communication towards the more general public. "Production of proteins that have a biological role can be a very complex, multi-step process that is not immediately understood by non-specialists," acknowledges Dr Ismail Moarefi, Executive Director Science and Technology at ComplexINC partner CRELUX GmbH. "However,...
Nov 12, 2012

EC FP7 TRANSVAC: New Vaccines Faster – now with ComplexINC technologies!

Europe has been leading vaccine research and development. However, to maintain this competitive advantage, it is imperative to improve cooperative efforts between excellent R&D groups and the established vaccine producers all across Europe. Unarguably, fragmentation of expertise and facilities has slowed and in some instances distinctly impeded the development and validation of promising...
Jun 28, 2012

Science and Progress at ComplexINC’s 1st Annual Meeting in Lisbon, Oeiras

On 17th and 18th June 2012, the ComplexINC consortium met in Lisbon for the 1st Science and Progress meeting. The meeting was hosted by SME partner Instituto de Biologia Experimental e Tecnológica (IBET), picturesquely located in Oeiras near Lisbon.
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