Mar 05, 2014

Intelligent expression systems: New Start-up Geneva Biotech joins ComplexINC consortium

February 27th 2014 turned out to be a very special date for ComplexINC. Geneva Biotech, a biotech start-up and joint spin-off of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) and the ComplexINC consortium, joined this high-tech EC FP7 project as a new partner. “When we submitted the ComplexINC proposal to the European Commission in 2010, we proposed the founding of a high-tech SME that would...
Feb 27, 2014

ComplexINC technology key to unravelling molecular biology mystery

Membrane proteins constitute a large and important fraction of the proteome, and correct targeting of these proteins into the cellular membranes is a vital mechanism for the health of organisms. Mistargeting or release into the cytosol can lead to protein aggregation and toxic products, causing severe disease states. The importance of this protein class as modulators of vital cellular functions...
Jan 31, 2014

ComplexINC consortium meets in Barcelona for 3rd Progress Meeting

The 33d ComplexINC Science and Progress meeting was held from 23rd to 24th January 2014 in Barcelona, Spain.  Imre Berger, Coordinator of ComplexINC and David Resina, CEO of SME partner Bioingenium S.L. and host to this annual project meeting, were delighted to welcome the international research group at Barcelona Science Park to start off gratifying reports on work progress and vivid...
Jul 11, 2013

Insect cells become movie stars

An experience of different sorts was in store for ComplexINC partner EMBL, when the research team around Imre Berger, ComplexINC coordinator, accepted an invitation to submit a manuscript about their award-winning MultiBac platform technology to the Journal of Visual Experiments. “We originally thought it would be a review not unlike others which we have published about MultiBac” says Imre....
Mar 20, 2013

ComplexINC Partner EMBL Chooses ambr Micro Bioreactor System for Insect Cell Culture

ComplexINC partner EMBL and TAP Biosystems enter a collaboration to use TAP Biosystems’ ambr Micro Bioreactor System, customized for insect cell culture, for rapid small scale parallel expression of human multiprotein complexes using EMBL’s MultiBac baculovirus expression technology. Miniaturization of the baculovirus expression technology is instrumental for increasing the through-put of...
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