Feb 08, 2017

ComplexINC spin-off Abvance to commercialize new immune therapies

The advanced technologies for protein complex production generated by ComplexINC have already catalyzed the development of many disrupting innovations and patents in the fields of protein complexomics, structural biology, membrane proteins, gene delivery, genetic code expansion. Lately, a new biopharmaceutical company has been spun out of ComplexINC with the overriding purpose of developing novel...
Nov 09, 2016

ComplexINC tool-kit sets stage to unlock protein complex chemical space

Genetic code expansion (GCE) is a powerful method to incorporate artificial amino acids into polypeptide chains to create synthetic proteins with novel functions, with many applications ranging from discovery science to molecular medicine. Until recently, this method has been mostly confined to small individual proteins representing a limited repertoire of cellular activity. Biological function...
May 04, 2016

ComplexINC technology unlocks multigene delivery in primary cells

Multigene delivery and subsequent cellular expression is a key technology for a wide range of applications in biology including structural research, cellular reprogramming and functional pharmaceutical screening. The construction of multigene circuits in mammalian cells is a core concept in synthetic biology and requires efficient delivery of complex heterologous DNA. For certain cell types...
Oct 29, 2015

Three times the charm: ComplexINC’s MultiBac tool enables structure determination of influenza C polymerase

The architecture of influenza C polymerase has been reported in Nature. The teams of Ervin Fodor, Jonathan Grimes and David Stuart, University of Oxford UK, have crystallized recombinant influenza C polymerase and determined its structure by X-ray diffraction methods. The crystal structure reveals a new conformation adopted by influenza polymerase in the apo state, complementing earlier crystal...
Oct 28, 2015

ComplexINC, part of an International Training Network (ITN) for US summer students

Thanks to an initiative from the Student Research Development Center (SRDC) from the Ana G. Méndez University System (AGMUS), ComplexINC partner M. Cristina Vega (CIB-CSIC, Madrid, Spain) will be hosting awarded US students in the STEM programme. The focus of the SRDC is to motivate and mentor undergraduate students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) who are willing to...
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