About us

ComplexINC combines outstanding expertise from successfully operating research intensive SMEs and leading academic research institutions and capitalize on large intersectoral expertise of all partners involved.

The consortium with its unique composition, is poised to tackle vastly larger goals as compared to working alone. The mix of partners balances experience in knowledge creation and partners that are seasoned in knowledge exploitation and technological innovation. All 8 highly experienced partners are carefully chosen by exploiting longstanding interactions and joint collaboration record.

Furthermore, each partner has extensive experience in a large number of projects at national, international and European level. SME lead scientists completed distinguished careers in life sciences. The academic partners are renowned for innovative drive. Several PIs have a proven track record of commercializing their innovations including start-up founding. The partners will channel their expertise and work together in 6 highly interlinked work packages, each of which is led by a work package leader (WPL) and a WP deputy that have special expertise in the respective objectives and tasks. For the creation of a commercially viable SME, the required skills and expertise are readily available within the consortium.